Semiconductors_350x263.jpgIntermech delivers complete mechanical services for semiconductor projects throughout the Pacific Northwest and Mountain West. We’re experienced in the demanding specifications of this specialized industry, and our management staff and craftsmen are ready to meet your most intricate and demanding requirements.

We oversee a wide range of large, complex, fast-track projects for semiconductor applications, including fabrication and installation of hygienic piping, process piping, HVAC, and plumbing. Our licensed and certified process piping specialists design, build, fabricate, and install a wide variety of process piping systems for the semiconductor industry.

Our semiconductor systems expertise covers:

  • Bulk gas systems
  • Ultra-high purity process piping distribution systems for specialty gases
  • Hydrofluoric acid waste systems
  • Double contained acid waste systems
  • Chemical distribution systems

Intermech has made a point of developing and implementing sophisticated assurance programs for our installations. From our work in the nuclear industry to our services in semiconductor systems, we’ve developed and followed thorough standard operating procedures to help ensure the work we do is up to the industry’s stringent standards.