Merck Vaccine Manufacturing Facility


Merck & Co., Durham, NC


Intermesh completed their portion of this expansion project on time and within budget, speeding the availability of the new space to further increase Merck's production capacity of MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), chicken pox, and shingles vaccines.











Merck & Co. initiated a $100 million expansion project to their existing vaccine manufacturing facility in the Treyburn Corporate Park located in Durham, NC. This expansion now supports the manufacture and global distribution of several of Merck's key vaccines.

The expansion consisted of over 115,000 square feet and included a sterile processing facility, formulation equipment, Lyophilization equipment, quality testing labs, and a high- speed packaging line.

Intermech was selected by Yonkers Industries (Merck's construction manager) to be part of a collaborative team effort to work with Parsons (Merck's engineering firm) in Charlotte, NC, to perform initial design reviews, develop pre-construction budgets, and provide constructability input, fabrication, and installation of the new facility's high purity (hygienic) piping systems.


Intermech completed the successful fabrication and installation of over 6,000 lineal feet of process hygienic piping systems for the VMF-102 project.

This included over 16 hygienic process piping distribution systems for the WFI tanks, Clean Steam Generators, CIP skids, BioWaste skids, Cryo Freezers, and Lyophilizer skids.Intermech's scope of work also included the hook-up of over 14 various process piping systems between Pharmadule's modular pre-fabricated production suites.

The work was fabricated and managed from Intermech's McLeansville, NC, Operations Center. Partially as a result of the superior performance on the VMF-102 Project, Intermech has continued to receive additional major contract work at other Merck & Co. facilities.