Department of Energy - Kentucky and Ohio Sites


Intermech successfully designed and fabricated 10 completed assemblies under project contract delivery deadlines, quality requirements, and performance criteria. The project was executed in a performance period from December 2005 through August 2006. This fabrication scope of work was executed at and managed from the Intermech Richland Operations facility located in Richland, WA.

















Uranium Disposition Services, LLC, (UDS) was contracted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to safely dispose of the depleted uranium hexafluoride (DUF6) that has been stored at three sites: Paducah, Kentucky; Portsmouth, Ohio; and Oak Ridge, Tennessee. DUF6 is a by-product of the uranium enrichment process used to make uranium suitable for use as fuel for nuclear reactors or in national security applications.


Intermech was selected by AREVA (a partnering member of UDS) to design, fabricate, test, and deliver 10 process hot boxes for both project sites. Each hot box included vacuum pumps, electric heaters, extensive control components, interconnecting piping systems, and interconnecting electrical systems contained in an insulated housing suitable for a production environment. Each unit was engineered and qualified to the rigorous project seismic design requirements.

Under its NQA-1 program, Intermech assembled a team of subject matter expert vendors and subcontractors to assist in the engineering design and selected sub- fabrications required by this procurement. Intermech then performed all fabrication, assembly, integration, and final acceptance testing on these units prior to shipping and delivery.


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