Toby Wilcox

Vice President & General Manager
Intermech, Inc., Pacific Division

Value Delivered

In his role as Vice President & General Manager, Toby helps oversee day-to-day activities of Intermech’s Pacific Division, interfacing with clients and vendors and managing large-scale projects. His drive to provide unmatched quality and value to the client is shared with the entire Intermech team as each project is executed using the skills and knowledge gained by years of experience.


Toby has over 16 years of design, construction, modification, maintenance, research and development, operations, and construction management experience at complex nuclear generation, chemical weapon, and nuclear waste disposal facilities; and heavy manufacturing plants within government (DOD, DOE, NRC) and private industrial environments. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Arizona State University, he began as a Field Engineer for Intermech in 2003 and then transitioned to project management in 2006. During his time as Project Manager, Toby worked on several large-scale projects all over the United States, eventually coming back to Richland, Washington, to assist in the management of the Pacific Division in 2015.

The Personal Side

When he’s not working, Toby enjoys spending time with his family. Being an avid outdoor recreational family, they spend as much time as possible using their RV, Jeep, and ATVs to take in the beautiful sites found in the high mountains of the western states.